#AdaAqua Augmented Reality (AR) Advertisement Project Display

by Dicha Fernaldi Setiawan

#AdaAQUA Augmented Reality (AR) Advertisement is an experimental project of embedding Augmented Reality (AR) into printed advertisements.


Advertising is always present, though people may not be aware of it and mainly associate advertising with encouraging people to buy products or services, and it persuades an individual or a group of people by a single communication of a product or service. Nowadays, advertising uses every possible media to get its message through, including Augmented Reality (AR) technology. More brands start to clout the consideration of utilizing smartphones or mobile devices to begin desegregating AR within brand advertising campaigns and linking traditional media with the digital realm; Transforming a printed advertisement as a bridge into the digital realm by embedding AR technology. AQUA; bottled mineral water from Indonesia establish #AdaAQUA campaign which utilize new media including social media. However, when it was established in 2014, it had not implemented Augmented Reality technology.

This paper investigates the use of Mobile Augmented Reality (AR) technology to extend the message of printed advertisement particularly in #AdaAQUA campaign, by practicing Practice-based Research (PbR).