Motion Graphic


by Karunia Dwi Novita

Visualization of novel “Suddenly Supernatural” by Elizabeth Cody Kimmel using VR as storytelling media.


There are split opinions towards horror as a source of entertainment for children. Some people believed that horror is unsuitable for children due to the intention that is to frighten the audience. Children who frequently exposed to horror is considered vulnerable to anxiety attack and depression. On the hand, others believe differently. These people argued that scaring children is necessary to let them aware that danger is real and encourage to challenge. Additionally, similar to other genres, horror also content with moral values and not solely intend to terrify the audience. Suddenly Supernatural – Kat si Medium Penakut by Elizabeth Cody Kimmel is a horror novel for children that has messages of bravery, helping others, and cooperation. This story is worth to share to young audiences as it provides a thrilling story that covers a lot of moral values. Hence, this study aims to design a visualization of Suddenly Supernatural novel in the form of 360 VR animation as an alternative media of narrative presentation for entertainment purpose. There will be two final products of the animation which are VR animation and 360 YouTube interactive that both could be accessed on YouTube. The development of this project is following Design Thinking Process by Hasso-Plattner and based on user requirement evaluation that is conducted at the beginning of development process. At the end, user testing evaluation is required to gain feedbacks from the user. The evaluation of this study shows positive response from the user, and the suggestions obtained could be used as reference for further development.