Kapi kancil art toy

by Rifai Dwi Cahyo


Art Toy Platforms is a blank three-dimensional figure that serves as “canvass” in which artist and graphic designer is encouraged to add graphic element to transform it into character. Customization is synonymous with the phenomenon and become inseparable process as it provides unique experience and opportunity for creative and aesthetic exploration. However, the sketching process has been limited to two-dimensional space with sketching in plain paper. Augmented reality holds potential introducing the the process to the third dimension by creating pre-visualization of the sketch in 3D environment. Furthermore, augmented reality offers opportunity to enrich the experience by telling comprehensive stories using digital enhancement.

This paper investigates the use of augmented reality application to enhance the experience of Art Toy Platform customization and storytelling. We present an augmented reality App in which Artist sketch the design of the character in the printed template of the platform and then inspect their work using mobile device. The sketch is detected and tracked, and the video stream is augmented with an animated 3D version of the character that is textured according to the customized design.