Take a year step back to discover the earlier creative works from our students

Final Year Project

Kapi Kancil Art Toy

by Rifa’i Dwi Cahyo

Suddenly Supernatural VR Animation

by Karunia Dwi Novita

Green Blaze Video Projection Mapping

by Roswita Nerrisa Arviana

Basic Fundamentals of Drawing

Creative Narrative Online Storytelling

Gramps and Pepe

by Agus Setiawan, Jefanya Givenfirsta, and Jilan Ditari

Hidup Sehat Project

by Mikhala Sari and Ravica Hayati

Potret Jakartaku

by Nara dan Bayu

Design Thinking

Find My Tutor

by Azalia and Fahira


by Silvira and Rizqoh


by Dina and Talitha

Digital Photography and Videography

Lonely Marshmallow

by Silvira Trijayati

Drawing Billie Eilish

by Silvira Trijayati

Darkness in You

by Dina Kartika

Hachiko: The Loyal Dog

by Azalia Putri Budi

Dripping Ink in Your Room

by Azalia Putri Budi

ICT New Media

Fight the Virus

by Ravica Hayati

Video Diaries II

Social Anxiety Disorder

by Mikhala Sari

Joining Choir

by Nara Bagus Darmawan

Video Diaries III

Eat That Up It's Good For You

by Dicha, Roswita and Wahyu

Video Diaries IV

One World

by Dicha, Roswita and Wahyu