“REMEMBER ME!” Augmented reality illustration book design

by Rina Angraeni

Visualization of novel “Suddenly Supernatural” by Elizabeth Cody Kimmel using VR as storytelling media.


As a social beings, human need interactions. In doing the interactions, there is a public expectation that make people change their self and forget their true character just because they always want to fulfil the expectations and get a public recognition. This case make them think about being what the society want it will protect them from the social judgment like gossip, underestimated, humiliated and etc. Consequently, people who being judged will focus to their fear, anxiety, and insecurity that guide them to lose their own self, doing a self-deception, and hard to do a self-acceptance. For this reason, the study aims to design an Augmented Reality illustration based on four (4) temperaments personality and zodiac traits to help people find their strengths and know their self-better than before. This book designed as a media of edutainment and information about self-improvement. The delivering messages of the book is using an illustration as the first interface of the book and using Augmented Reality as the second interface to gain the information of the book. The development process is limited to the series of the book, it focuses on the first series that followed the element of zodiac which is earth that contain of three zodiacs and four (4) temperaments personality (Choleric, Melancholy, Phlegmatic, Sanguine).