New Media


by Roswita Nerrisa Arviana

“Green Blaze” is a video projection mapping installation which is used as a campaign tool to promote the awareness of forest fire as well as a call for an action for the audience to make a contribution in solving the issue.


Despite the overwhelming amount of environmental issue, the young people in urban area demonstrate minimum response and action to solve the problems. One of the environmental issues is forest fire. Although forest fire is an emergency issue, it is rarely raised in the civil society campaign unless there is a newly-happened phenomenon. In addition, the repetitive common civil society campaign cannot effectively attract the young generation to be aware of the issue. The purpose of this study is to raise the awareness of young people in forest fire issue using video projection mapping installation as the media of civil society campaign. The development process of the project uses Hasso-Plattner design thinking theory in which the direction for the visual and audio elements are based on the user requirement research. The user evaluation test is later conducted to gather user’s opinion for the high-fidelity prototype. The result of the user evaluation test in this study shows positive result in the implementation of video projection mapping in civil society campaign. Therefore, further development and advanced research can be conducted based one this study as the starting line.