Social Responsibility

Paku bumi

by Wahyu Mahendra


Traditional toy is believed as media to bring value from ancestors to the next generation. Traditional toy is made not solely for entertainment, but also for a purpose of strengthening a relationship between each other. Sadly, traditional toys started to lose their market due to the popularity of factory production toys (Modern Toy) and video game said Dharmamulya (2005) in his writing. Moreover, today’s kids had no idea what is traditional toy, sadly they aware more to the electronic game console such as playstation, Nintendo switch and mobile device. Kids has less interest in traditional toy because they might think that it is too stiff and less attractive compared with digital game. As that problem raises, this study is designing an interactive virtual reality game prototype of “Pletokan” for mobile device as the answer to the problem. Also, this product is purposed to become a media to entertain, to raise awareness of traditional toy existence, to preserve traditional toy especially “Pletokan” as part of cultural heritage in modern way and also to brings out the notion of memories in Indonesian traditional toy. This study uses Design Thinking method in developing the media. All theories and related sources of knowledge are used to support the development of the project. This study also does an evaluation to its product in order to know the real impact of the study to the target audiences.