HIJAPROFILE (Augmented Reality Playing Cards)


by Yulia Suryani



Nowadays hijab becomes part of popular culture in Indonesia. It has transformed from ritual object into cultural object. Hijab as popular culture can be seen in the fashion trend and halal beauty industry promoted by many popular icons. The adoption of hijab into fashion items is developed becomes various dressing styles that is followed by many Indonesian young Muslim women. However, it is a challenge for a woman who become a hijab wearer or hijaber because there is a change in the way of dressing from not wearing hijab to be wearing hijab. New hijaber is in the journey to find her identity and need to adjust to the new look. It takes time to find the dressing style that is comfortable and suitable based on the wearer’s personality. Wearing hijab outfits that is not suitable for individual’s personality can make hijabers feel uncomfortable and not confidence in their hijab and even feel that wearing hijab can prevent women express their true self. Therefore, this study aims to design an Augmented Reality playing cards as a media of education and information about dressing style that is suitable for individual’s personality for hijabers. Adopting the theory of Beauty Profile by Carol Tuttle, this Augmented Reality playing cards can be a guidance to help hijabers knowing their personality and how to dress in alignment with their personality. The development process is limited to high fidelity prototype of the Augmented Reality and
playing cards.