Green Blaze Video Projection Mapping

“Green Blaze” is a video projection mapping installation which is used as a campaign tool to promote the awareness of forest fire as well as a call for an action for the audience to make a contribution in solving the issue.


My Bir Pletok: Rethink Your Drink!

Bir Pletok is one of a traditional drink from Betawi which was transformed by cultural modernization, but lately are increasingly eroded due to the rapid development of the era. Lack of awareness and attention to Bir Pletok by the young generation and  limited information available about Bir Pletok which makes it difficult for the young generation to know about its existence.


Designing User Experience for Soccer Photography Services

Soccer (Football in English UK) is one of the favourite sports around the world. Everybody can enjoy to play soccer, from a young age, to an old person, anyone can play it.


"Remember Me!" Augmented Reality Illustration Book Design

Identifying the personality and zodiac traits through Augmented Reality Illustration Book.



Hijab as popular culture can be seen in the fashion trend and halal beauty industry promoted by many popular icons.